New Goals for next term:

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1.   Add additional School Resource Officers in Augusta County Public Schools

2.   Re-instate the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program in Augusta County Schools. This reformulated program will focus on anti-bullying and decision making skills instead of drug lectures

3.   Increase salaries for the men and women of the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office

4.   Establish a drone program for use in search and rescue, special operations, and illicit drug surveillance

5.   Establish specialized training for civil disorder, lawful protests and rallies

6.   Implement an Augusta County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Police Academy

7.   Train and apply a citizen manned Service Patrol, utilizing volunteers to assist with traffic control, vehicle breakdown and traffic collisions on county roads

8.   Expand the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office Canine Division

9.   Continue an aggressive approach to the drug epidemic that plagues Augusta County