Donald’s Roots

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Donald's dedication to the Sheriff's Office is due to his passion for protecting and serving the County of Augusta and its residents. Education was a very important part of Donald’s goal to seek the office of Sheriff. He felt that college was essential in the preparation of leading the entire staff and becoming Sheriff of Augusta County.

His hero is his 99 year old grandmother, Reba Hahn, who has been a large influence in his life. You will be seeing a lot of her during this campaign because she is his pride and joy and he is hers. She has taught him strong Christian morals and values, which has made him the man he is today. He takes care of her now as she has taken care of him all of his life.

He believes it is paramount to remain physically fit for his profession and makes it a part of his daily  routine. His strength and determination to do physical tasks gives Donald another love, the love of farming. He grew up on a farm and learned the many responsibilities of farm management. These duties included maintaining records and sustaining a sometimes challenging yearly budget. When he farms, he will almost always be seen farming with his two companions, Jay and Cole. They are his Catahoula farm dogs and can round up his cattle in a matter of minutes. Donald gives credit to his grandfather, W.A. Shiflett, and Larry Shiflett for teaching him his strong work ethics and standing up for what he believes in.   

Donald has two church families. He actively attends Spring Hill Presbyterian Church with his grandmother and is a member of Verona United Methodist Church.

With your support, Donald will continue to be the “People’s Sheriff” through his devotion to ensuring a safe community.

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