I don't often share my views on politics and generally keep my votes private. In this case, I am proud to tell you that Donald Smith has my vote November 2015. Please visit his site and see for yourself why he is the man for the job!

-Kim Cash

4 or 5 yrs. ago, you gave me a DUI, my stupidity, I was treated with total respect and dignity,you were very firm but fair, you saved my life, as I am alcohol free since then, I will never forget this,  I have told others how this man will be firm and supportive to the community, I will support you till the end.

-Peck Shackelford


I don't get wrapped up in political things.  I don't really like the politics of it all.  I can tell you if you're reading this and it applies to you; a.  I'm j...ealous if you're an augusta county resident b. I'm jealous you're able to vote for a guy named Donald Smith.  The earliest memory of Donald I have is smacking him with a baseball as I was the opposing pitcher of the opposite team when we were maybe 11 yrs old.  He looked at me and shook his head and carried on to first base (as I remember he was maybe 6'4 250 at that time and him running to 1st base was a win for me).  As a grown man, who has (unfortunately) been outside of augusta county for a while, I realize the value of people like Donald, down to earth, down to what's right, what's forgivable and what's wrong.  Although I speak from a personal level about Donald, and his high character and integrity, I believe anyone who's ever met Donald knows that he really wants the best for those who want the best for themselves and I believe that is how he enforces 'the law' in accordance.  I can't think of a better person, stern when needed, kind when accepted, to watch over augusta county.  I honestly don't know what folks look for in a 'sheriff' and the political side of things, but I can tell you Donald Smith is one of the highest character people I have ever known, and I would trust him to be the best in whatever title he holds. Donald Smith

-JJ Walker



I recently was asked "why Donald Smith?" Well, I'll tell you that the three deputies running for sheriff are all good men. The best by far is Donald Smith. I worked in the sheriff's office on the shift where Donald was and I will tell you there was no other deputy that worked as hard as him. He came to work early, stayed late many times and was always ready to give 100% to the job. His work ethic is top notch and his dedication to being the best deputy surpassed most other deputies. Employees at the sheriff's office work at the pleasure of the sheriff and it would be a pleasure to work for Sheriff Donald Smith!  Vote for the best man- Donald Smith!!

-Judy Gregory


I have worked with Donald for the past 9 years. We have been involved in a number of serious and trying situations together. For me it is a no brainer as to why he deserves to be the next sheriff of Augusta County! He has the knowledge of what the deputies need and what there obstacles are in keeping the citizens of Augusta County safe in 2015. He also has the stats in arrests and solved cases to prove his abilities. We need someone who will stand up for us as he already has to the news media and others who call us all corrupt. We need a man who stands up for what's right and who will continue to be seen even after elected sheriff. That man is Donald Smith hands down!! Please help me and the Augusta County Sheriff's Office by voting for Donald on November 3, 2015! You will not regret this decision!


-James Snyder


Vote Donald Smith for Sheriff in November if you want to see positive changes for our community. As a victim's advocate for nearly 20 years in this County I have known Donald professionally since he started at the Sheriff's Office, his work ethic is second to none!!

-Amy Keller McManaway


Donald Smith is a hardworking, very experienced and dedicated law officer. He will make a great sheriff for Augusta County.

-Charlie McFarlin


If you live in Augusta County... please vote for this guy! Definitely one of the best law enforcement officers that I am blessed to know. He has been a big part of my husband's life and career and a side note.... He is a farmer! ‪#‎ilovefarmers‬ :)

-Judi Kline


Thanks to you a few back, you helped me make a right decision in my life. I owe you a lot. Once again good luck and thank you.

-Brenda Ruley


You have my vote, my name is Larry Davis and I'm the guy that got jumped at 3b in crimora, your response time and professionalism that night could not have been any better, thank you and good luck

-Larry Davis


I have worked with you a few times as a health care worker. I have always found you to be very professional in every circumstance.

-Jonathan Coleman


Donald Smith is great. Please vote for him. He helped us to get the guys that ran into our daughter's car a few yrs ago and he wouldn't stop till he got all 3 guys, he's that good. Vote Donald Smith, thanks Donald again !!!!

-Cindy Ingram


I've known Donald since he was born. He has always been a happy caring hard working and honest person. The Lord only puts a few people like Donald Smith on earth and we are blessed to have him. Augusta County and the state of Virginia would be blessed to have him as Sheriff. Vote for Donald.

-Jeff Nygaard


We hear so much in the media about how corrupt Law Enforcement is. I want to take this opportunity to say that I personally know a good man, a decent man, a hard-working man, a man who embraces justice and fair treatment of all people regardless of the circumstances - this man is Donald Smith. I know him personally; I have had experience with him directly in law enforcement situations and he is a man you can trust...unless you are willfully choosing to break the law and disregard the rights of others. Then he is relentless in the pursuit of justice. As am American who wants to feel safe in my home and community, I would not want it any other way. VOTE FOR THIS MAN!

-Trish McFarlin


Donald Smith for Augusta County Sheriff....
I worked with him from his beginning employment until I retired. He would be an awesome leader for Augusta County and would be available for his employees as well as the people of Augusta. He began his employment with Augusta Co. in 2003. He is a very DEDICATED employee. Donald will be a working Sheriff with his employees. He will be a very visible Sheriff in the county. He would not only carry on the programs the county has implemented; but has plans to introduce new programs for the county. I ask that when you vote, VOTE FOR DONALD SMITH. THE FUTURE OF AUGUSTA COUNTY. THANK YOU.

-Brenda Brooks


I wish you much luck in this campaign. We need a Sheriff that is in it for the people and not just for the position. You have done an excellent job as a Deputy and I have all the faith that you will make a great Sheriff. With my own personal experience that I had with you back in 2009 with my case, you were very nice and compassionate and fair. And I thank you for being able to see that the other person was fully truthful with you. We need more like you that gives people the respect that they deserve as long as they give it to you. Much luck and I believe a man with your heart and compassion for people will put you in the position that you deserve. And thank you, Lisa Dodson.

-Lisa Dodson


Donald Smith well be the best choice for our County of Augusta!

-Betty Kelly


As a senior citizen Donald Smith is the type of sheriff I want. He will be concerned and responsive to our needs.

-Bernice Glenn


You will always have my support you are a wonderful person you also have been there for me when I needed you and I thank you for that you deserve this and in my heart I know you got this god bless you thanks for being the wonderful person you are

-Linda Simmons Burke


I see so many wonderful supporters who highly respect Donald Smith!  The Arnold's sure do!

-Debbie Baber Arnold


I really like all those guys running, but I greatly appreciate Donnie's love for the people of the county and the Sheriffs office. He has nothing bad to say about his opponents, actually nothing but good! We worked together allot in Craigsville and he proved himself to me. I guess that is why he is my pick.

-Steve Nuffer


Donald, thank you for your post surrounding the Accreditation issue with with the Augusta Co. Sheriff's Office.  It proves you are on-top-of things, you are ready, willing, and able to address controversial issues. Your post answered questions surrounding the situation, something that was needed.  Again, thank you, you will go far as Sheriff of August County.  You have my vote.

-Joyce Brubeck



-Stewart Atkinson